Advantages of Flexible Work Space

There’s no denying the popularity and draw of flexible work space in today’s ever evolving war for talent. In a recent study done by The Harvard Business Review, it was observed that office utilization peaks at 42% on any given day, and the rest of the space goes unused.

So, many forward thinking companies have invested heavily into open concept, or flexible space for their employees. The results are higher collaboration rates among business units, and more cohesion in general.

Other advantages noticed were higher overall productivity and engagement levels on the same peer set after the flexible space improvements were initiated. These behaviors were immediately attributed to the employee’s overall sense of freedom in their office environment. These outcomes proved a direct correlation between the open concept space investment and job satisfaction as well.

Now, not all industries would glean the same benefits from an open and more collaborative environment though. Certain areas of finance, law, and accounting need to have some compartmentalization for their employees simply by the virtue of their business and privacy. However, the overwhelming majority of companies can realize huge upsides when considering flexible space.

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