Choosing the Right Space

How do you know what type of office space is right for you? SwiftLease experts explain the four main types of office space that is available to small businesses.

Are you confused over the many differrent types of office space available for small business?  You are not alone.  SwiftLease experts have summarized the four main types for you.


Over the past few years there have been many companies formed to feed into the start up and tech craze.  Co-working is a collaborative type environment meant for artists, tech companies, freelances, and other start ups to be in a space together and share their ideas.  These offices are usualy equipped with a ping pong table, craft beer, or other forms of entertainment.


SwiftLease helps with this concept.  It is larger companies that have extra office space whether it be a cubcilce or a private office and will “share their space” with small businesses.  Each company varies on the size of space and price, but there is something for everyone’s budget.  We play match maker with small businesses that are looking for space with companies that have too much space.

Executive Suites:

An executive suite operator will go in and lease an entire floor in most cases and build it the floor out very office intenvisve and create common area such a kitchen, conference, and reception area.  They staff the reception and can provide full operational support.  These tend to be the most expensive of the previous two options.

Traditional Office:

Do not want to share your office space?  Need your own address?  Traditional office is what most businesses operate out of in Texas.  We have an entire section of leasing office 101 all the way to explaining the different types of buildings to lease.  Please refer our Resource Library.   SwiftLease agents can help find the right space for your business.  We can help break down the things you need to consider in leasing a space. Need an office or two or ten?  Our agents will work with you to find the right space at the right price for your business.

SwiftLease was created to help entrepreneurs, start ups, and small businesses alike to locate and lease office space all over Texas that is right for their business.  We will do the research, coordinate all the tours, and negotiate on your behalf.  Don’t just get another list sent to you for a contact us form.  Call an agent today at 713-623-2487 for help in locating your new office space.