Commercial office lease agreements are hard!

Assignments, subleases, modifications and fixtures? These terms will actually be on the test, but wait, you’re not a CRE expert. The advantage of having SwiftLease in your negotiations is evident when looking at the average lease contract. It can be mind boggling to the everyday lessee, however we can navigate the language for you to ensure that you pay a fair rate and receive good terms.

Unfortunately, much like representing yourself in court, just “winging” it can lead to disaster down the road. Using SwiftLease when securing your new office lease gives you the advantage of our strong property network and our relationships with building owners. Wouldn’t you feel better knowing that you secured the most advantageous term with the least amount of headache?

With the average contract being around 60+ pages, we can assure you the peace of mind that come with bringing an experienced team to the table. So, when you’re ready to find your new office, start with an advocate, start with SwiftLease.