Let’s talk desk space


You finally made the move…into a bare office. The walls are empty, seating and desks are non-existent. As a small business, you want to be mindful of costs, however your employees don’t want to put their computers on TV trays. Time to buy some furniture, but what’s a good benchmark, and what should you expect to spend?

According to recent research, the average employee cost for furniture is right around $1,500 factoring in bulk discounts. Did you just fall over? It’s OK, there are other alternatives too. A visit to your local Swedish furniture store will provide you the option to buy desks for around $400 not including chairs. The key to remember is that a better investment now, will result in lower costs later. Consider buying higher end furniture from consignment stores as another option.

SwiftLease understands small business and the unique challenges they face when growing. Our dedicated agents can leverage our networks to help secure fully furnished space as well to avoid the above. We make it simple to understand all of your options, and while you’re thinking of it, we’d love to have a giant exercise ball for our chair!