The ABC’s of Office Type


What’s in a letter? Well in terms of the cost of your office, quite a bit actually…


Class A space is usually in a prime location and is newly developed. Sometimes they can be in an older but highly sought after building, in which case the interiors have been recently updated to a high standard. Class A buildings will have the highest rental rates. These spaces meet high-quality standards, such as sleek design, green and energy-efficient elements, state-of-the-art facilities, stylish furniture, and excellent accessibility. Many large international companies and high profile businesses occupy Class A buildings to boost their image. They are willing to pay a premium for this space to be in a well recognized top-tier location. Class A buildings also typically have on-site management, on-site maintenance, 24/7 security, and other amenities and services.

Class B space is typically available in less exclusive areas or in older buildings that have not been renovated. While Class B spaces do not offer the amenities and prestige of Class A, they are not considered sub-standard. Many Class B buildings were once Class A properties. The facilities and overall value are usually above average and satisfactory for standard business requirements. Class B space is much more affordable for small or medium-sized businesses. Class B space appeals to a wide range of companies. This space is ideal for any business that values cost saving over an image.

Class C space is functional but is generally not updated or maintained to the level of Class B space. The level of amenities and services provided by the landlord tend to be lower with Class C buildings. The property is usually located outside of a major business district or in a suburban area, Class C spaces will have some of the lowest rental rates in the market. Class C buildings, despite a generally lower level of maintenance, usually maintain steady occupancy.

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