The New Age of Mobile Technology


How important is it to be mobile friendly for your small business website?

It should not be a surprise to you that the internet has changed our world immensely.  It provides the ability to access just about anything on the world-wide-web with just a click of a button.  At first, the computer was the only way to visit your new-found addiction.  However as the internet continued to grow, other technology devices were invented to allow it to be accessible in the palm of your hand.  In 2000, the debut of the first phone with internet appeared.  Now over fifteen years later, every technology device has access to the internet.

The question a growing small business should ask is “how many of the visitors to my website come from mobile devices?”   Look at the number of mobile users that come to your site.  If it is more than half, you should give serious thought to creating a mobile-friendly site.  The cost of developing a mobile friendly site is not cheap, but the amount of business it could potentially bring will outshine that cost.

Speaking from experience as a consumer, I almost always access the internet on my phone or iPad.  It is the best way to take care of things I need to do while I am waiting at the grocery store, doctor’s office, etc..  If I come to a website that is not mobile friendly, the company has potentially lost me as a customer.  Websites that are not mobile friendly I usually find that they are time consuming with little to no results and difficult figuring out how to maneuver around the site to gather information.  These two reasons alone are enough for a website visitor to leave your website and go to your competitors.